UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub Fellowship

This fellowship is part of Caribou Digital's space for development program called Caribou Space. We work with governments, space agencies, development agencies and space companies to use space for positive impact on society, economy and environment, for all countries.


Satellites have the potential to inform and enhance humanitarian decision making and risk assessment through the provision of unique geospatial datasets and communications infrastructure. Currently, however, the satellite tools, equipment, insights and information that are deployed are not communicated or distributed to those who need them the most.

Caribou Space, with the support of the FDCO backed Humanitarian Innovation Hub (HIH) is leading an Accelerated Innovation Collaboration (AIC) which will summarise the current state-of-play in the use of satellite technologies for humanitarian purposes. The purpose of this collaboration is to raise awareness of the current gaps in the use of satellites for humanitarian programming and generate actionable recommendations on what more could be done to ensure that satellite-enabled technologies are accessible and appropriate to the humanitarian community.

Innovation Fellow:

Caribou Space is hosting a ‘UK HIH Fellow’ and will provide a 12 month research grant for Fellows in order to support their continued work in this vital area. The Fellowship will run from April/May 2021 for a period of 12 months.

The Fellows will be an integral part of the project, supporting the substantive development of the AIC as well as carrying out their own research and sharing findings as part of the project’s communication efforts. Fellows will be expected to spend approximately 50% of their time contributing to the delivery of research and analysis of the current landscape and generating recommendations for further use of satellites for humanitarian purposes. This will involve close collaboration with the project team, following direction of the output leads to develop key project deliverables. Fellows will spend their remaining 50% time pursuing their own research interests within the broad problem space set out in the Background section of this note.

Fellows will:

  • Work to an agreed research agenda and workplan - that includes both personal research and research and analysis in support of the HIH AIC programme.
  • Provide inputs as agreed into the Caribou Space project, according to an agreed schedule.
  • Participate in weekly and monthly Fellowship meetings with a Caribou Space mentor
  • Share research and insights within the broader team and within virtual stakeholder events designed to gather feedback and input from the wider humanitarian and satellite sector communities. (see below).

Necessary Requirements:

  • Have a PhD (or will be working towards for a PhD during the funding period ) or equivalent experience and expertise.
  • Be working in a LMIC.
  • Not hold UK citizenship.
  • Be competent in oral and written English.
  • Have a clearly defined and mutually beneficial research proposal agreed with the collaboration.

Desirable Requirements:

  • Have expertise in a specific area of EO application within a ‘humanitarian’ context - eg refugee / migrant movement, conflict and human rights abuses, disaster management or any other defined area.
  • Have experience working with humanitarian organisations including in roles related to humanitarian planning, response or recovery.
  • Have understanding of humanitarian decision making, and specifically the barriers and obstacles to the use of earth observation data in humanitarian response decision-making.
  • Have knowledge and technical experience working with earth observation data, technologies and systems
  • Passionate about supporting the ongoing development of research capability in satellite technologies for humanitarian purposes in Lower- and Lower-Middle Income Countries.
  • Evidence of academic writing or equivalent
  • Located in Asia or Latin America

A note on your application: Please note that your application will be submitted through use of an Application Tracking Software (ATS). We are mindful of the challenges of using ATS, including unintended exclusion. Please be assured, we use the minimum functionality in ATS which enables us to capture and view your application efficiently in collaboration with colleagues. We do not parse or filter resumes in any way, for instance, using keyword scanning or automated ranking. Your application will be viewed by a real person in all cases, and we will get back to you no matter the outcome.