Scope of work: Real-time dashboard development


The Strive Community program

Strive Community is a program launched by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and Caribou Digital, which aims to support 5 million small businesses globally to survive and grow. This will be achieved by funding innovative digital and data first activities which help small enterprises with fewer than 10 employees to digitize their operations, more meaningfully use digital financial services, and better participate in digital markets. By supporting these outcomes, the program intends to help small businesses to build resilience, achieve growth and generate new work opportunities.

Dashboard vision and requirements

Strive Community projects deliver services to small businesses around the world, using various digital platforms. We would like a dashboard that displays data, updated daily, about the uptake of these services.

  • Metrics. The dashboard should show the number of unique small businesses we have reached and engaged through various project channels. It should have a slicer to toggle between variables such as project name, country and channel used, day, week, month, year (see metric section below).
  • Visuals. It should have compelling visuals such as BANs, maps and various charts of reach and engagement over time. Visuals should be aligned to program branding.
  • Access. The dashboard will be accessed by our team and selected external viewers. We also need to be able to eventually display some fields on our public website (uses Strapi).
  • Flexibility. New data sources will be added as our program grows over the next 4 years. The solution should be flexible so that new data sources can be added without incurring great cost or structural changes.
  • Compatibility. Works on all operating systems and hardware. Should be mobile ready.

Data sources

There are three categories of data sources that will need to be linked to the dashboard; 1) partner owned platforms 2) social media platforms and 3) Jotforms/Airtable.


Current partner platforms:

  • Custom-built learning experience platform (LXP) (under development)
  • Custom-built WhatsApp chatbot and SMS management system (built)
  • Custom-built android app (under development)

Social Media platforms owned/used by various partners:

  • YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc


  • Additional data is collected outside of these platforms and is aggregated monthly on jotforms and also stored in Airtable. This data should be integrated monthly.


  • Access to partner platforms: We expect projects to provide automated access to aggregated, anonymized data on the number of small businesses a) reached and b) engaged, per country, on a daily basis. Ideally this would be via API, or via queries from our dashboard to the partners analytics.
  • Defining reached and engaged metric parameters per partner platform. Partners will define what counts as one small business a) reached and b) engaged specific to their system e.g;
    • LXP reached: Unique user who has watched at =>1 minute of one video
    • LXP engaged: Unique user who has watched at =>1 minute of =>three videos
    • WhatsApp reached: Unique phone number that read at least 1 WhatsApp message
    • WhatsApp reached: Unique phone number that have exchanged at least 3 messages with WhatsApp chat bot
  • Social media analytics. We aim to standardize, per social media platform and function (e.g Instagram live versus video post) what metric counts as one small business a) reached and b) enanged. Additionally, as not all social media account content will be related to Strive Community, a method to identify content as Strive Community would be required (e.g. through hashtags)

Dashboard metrics

The dashboard will display two primary metrics with the ability to see various dissgegations. We may include several charts showing different views of the same metrics.

Primary metrics

Expected disaggregation

  1. Number of small businesses reached by the program
  • Org name
  • Grantee
  • Partner
  • Platform/channel type (LXP, SMS, X App, Facebook etc)
  • Country
  • Time (day, week, month - specific time period)
  1. Number of small business engaging with the program

Request for Proposals

  • Propose a solution for the development of the real time dashboard. Please include the following;
    • Relevant experience and examples of similar past work
    • Proposed end to end solution; clearly stating the recommended software and rationale; outline how the proposed solution aligns to the vision and requirements set out in this scope of work
    • Granular budget for this build in USD
    • Proposed budget and structure for ongoing maintenance, fixes and updates
    • Project timeline for the development with major dependencies noted.

There is an option to upload your proposal and any other relevant documents within the application questionnaire.

Clarification questions; The submission period for clarification questions has closed. All submitted questions have been answered here.